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Unveiling the Hunter's Routine: How Sam Westfall Prepares for Colorado Big Game Hunts

In the heart of Colorado's rugged terrain, where the majesty of the Rockies meets the challenge of big game hunting, lies the domain of Sam Westfall, CEO / Founder of Archery N Motion. For Sam, hunting isn't just a passion; it's a way of life—a pursuit that demands peak physical and mental fitness to conquer the wild and bring home the bounty of the mountains. Here's an exclusive look into Sam's meticulous routine, honed over years of solo hunting for mule deer, elk, bear, and pronghorn.

Hunting sunrise
Hunting sunrise

Physical Conditioning:

Every morning, before the sun paints the horizon with its golden hues, Sam embarks on a ritual of strength and endurance. Rising early, he kicks off his day with a series of dynamic exercises designed to awaken his body and ignite his metabolism. From 30 to 50 squats to mountain climbers, push-ups, and a medley of core-strengthening movements, Sam's regimen primes him for the challenges that lie ahead.

But the grind doesn't stop there. Throughout the week, Sam retreats to his home gym, where he delves into a diverse array of workouts. With the treadmill humming beneath his feet, he combines cardiovascular endurance with strength training using dumbbells and a trusty box step. Yet, it's the Brute Force sandbags—weighted companions that mimic the demands of the mountain—that truly push Sam to his limits. Through free-weight exercises, weighted hikes, bear crawls, and box step routines, he simulates the rigors of the hunt, ensuring that his body is a well-oiled machine come hunting season.

Mental Preparation:

For Sam, the pursuit of big game is as much a test of the mind as it is of the body. Amidst the tranquility of the outdoor archery range, he finds solace and focus. Four days a week, he immerses himself in the precision of 3D archery, each arrow a meditation on patience and precision. As he draws his bow, the world fades away, replaced by the rhythmic thump of his heartbeat and the whisper of the wind through the trees. It's here, amidst the tranquil beauty of the range, that Sam finds clarity and prepares his mind for the challenges that await him on the mountain.

Dietary Discipline:

Yet, Sam's preparation extends beyond the realm of physical exertion. Recognizing the importance of diet in both health and scent control, he adheres to a strict regimen of dietary modifications throughout the year. With June's arrival, alcohol and garlic are banished from his plate, their scent potential deemed too great a risk for the stealthy hunter. July sees the elimination of deep-fried indulgences, a step towards cleaner eating and improved health. And as August dawns, Sam embraces a predominantly vegetarian diet, sacrificing his carnivorous cravings in pursuit of optimal health and weight loss.

The Harvest of Success:

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, Sam emerges from his cocoon of preparation, ready to embark on another season of adventure. With each step through the untamed wilderness, he carries with him the fruits of his labor—both physical and mental. The sweat and sacrifice of months past culminate in a symphony of focus, determination, and unwavering resolve. And when the moment of truth arrives, when the sights align and the arrow flies true, Sam knows that his preparation has paid dividends. For him, success isn't measured solely in the weight of the harvest but in the strength of spirit forged amidst the mountains.

In Conclusion: As hunters, we are bound by a shared reverence for the wild and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence. In Sam Westfall's journey, we find inspiration—a testament to the power of preparation, dedication, and unwavering passion. As the sun sets on another season, we are reminded that the true trophy lies not in the trophy room but in the indomitable spirit of the hunter.

Join us as we venture into the untamed wilderness, where the echo of the bowstring and the whisper of the wind herald the arrival of another hunting season.


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