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Sam Westfall Pro Headshot

CEO / Founder

Sam Westfall

Bunker Labs ViR Alumni
DAV Patriot Boot Camp Alumni

Sam Westfall, an Army veteran with over 20 years in IT after his service as an M1 Abrams tank mechanic, brings a unique blend of precision and expertise to the world of shooting. With a remarkable 35-year history as a hunter and competitive shooter in archery and firearms, Sam's dedication to excellence is evident in all he pursues.

It's this exceptional background that spurred the founding of Archery N Motion's Moving Target Platform. Sam's military discipline, coupled with his IT proficiency, cultivated a deep appreciation for precision and innovation. His lifelong passion for hunting and competitive shooting further inspired him to bridge the gap between practice and real-world scenarios.

At Archery N Motion, we believe in enhancing shooting skills, improving accuracy, and promoting responsible hunting. Sam Westfall's journey, from Army service to IT excellence and decades of shooting experience, drives our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions that elevate your shooting experience. Welcome to a new era of moving target excellence, brought to you by a visionary leader with a profound passion for precision and innovation.

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