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  • 🎯 Unlock the future of target practice with Archery N Motion's End Point Controlled Moving Target Platform!
  • 🚀Whether you're a seasoned archer or firearms enthusiast, our cutting-edge platform takes your shooting experience to new heights.
  • 🏹🔫Versatile and accommodating, it fits both 3D archery targets and firearms targets, including steel plates or cardboard silhouettes.
  • 🎯Experience unparalleled stability and precision with our expertly engineered stabilized platform.
  • 🌟What sets us apart is our intuitive multi button control system, empowering you to effortlessly move your target up to an astounding 500 feet away, with 8 feet of straight-line motion with speed control. 
  • 🎯🚀Enhance your skills, accuracy, and fun factor with Archery N Motion's innovation!


🎉Join the revolution in shooting practice today! 🌠 #Archery #Firearms #ShootingRange #Precision #Innovation #TargetPractice


  • Does NOT come with a target or ground stakes

As of now, when you purchase an item on our "Shop" page, it will be queued for production. Once purchased, it will take 3-5 weeks in order for the product to be produced and shipped. 

In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your patience and support.

Moving Target Platform - 8ft

  • Length - When fully extended, 12 feet
    Speed - ~2.5mph
    Movement - Straight Line 8 feet of distance
    Weight - 83 pounds
    Archery targets - From squirrel to full size standing elk. We accommodate for all major manufacturers (BigShots, Delta McKenzie, Rinehart, Kirsch Outdoors, and 365 3D targets). 
    Firearms targets - IDPA/USPSA/IPSC cardboard silhouette or steel plate targets.

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